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on 4 April 2016
I've now used this for the total 7 days just before getting into the shower in the morning for 30 minutes. It contains 7 sachets that contain a type of wet wipe with thick clear gel soaked into it, a head strap and a tape measure to measure your success. I was a bit unsure what to expect with this product because I wasn't sure how to use it at first. I opened the sachet and the wet wipe was very sticky and slimy with a nice scent from all the ingredients. After unfolding it I could see it was flat with thick tabs on the top and thin tabs on the bottom. I held the thick tabs and placed the whole thing under my bottom lip and folded the tabs round my cheek. I then folded the thin tabs around my under chin area and then flattened it down which covered my chin and allot of my under neck.

I then fastened the strap under my chin and then fastened the Velcro ends on the top of my head as tight as I could. First time there was a huge gap under my bottom lip. So the next time I pulled it tighter and positioned it flat around my chin before I sealed the Velcro up. There are also gaps for your ears. I have worn it now for 7 days and my under neck area was 23cm ear to ear and after 7 days it was 20cm and I am very happy with it. I haven't altered my diet or exercised any differently but it has worked and for that reason I would recommend and I am very happy with it.

I was given this to offer my honest and unbiased opinion on it. Thanks for reading.
on 23 March 2016
When I saw this product I was really intrigued, I had previously tried a similar product that I'd heard of before and was really famous in East Asia so I was familiar with the concept of a chin slimming mask. I really loved that mask but it's really hard to get a hold of in London and other masks I'd tried since then with similar claims didn't really live up to this. What really caught my eye was that the Chin Up kit included a chin strap as well as a tape measure (both of which were also in the Asian mask kit), I think the chin strap really makes a difference and the tape measure means that you can measure your face for before/after results, which really inspires a lot of confidence in the product!

The instructions are easy to follow as they included a picture description. You simply need to place the mask on your chin/upper neck area (this can be tricky but the moisture of the mask helps it to hang on before you strap it in) and then strap the neck strap around your head to hold it in place. I tried this product out for the first time in the evening (after removing all makeup and before skincare for the night), the mask itself didn't have a particularly strong smell to me, it was pleasant but not overpowering and didn't smell of anything specifically which is how I prefer it especially for a mask that you're meant to leave on for a long while, in this case 30 to 45 minutes. The neck strap feels uncomfortable and really silly at first but you soon at used to it. I prefer to have it on a bit tighter as it makes me feel the product is really working but it's flexible enough for it not to feel restrictive or uncomfortable. I think you soon forget it if you read a book or do something else while waiting!

Quite soon after strapping it in (I'd say a couple minutes?) it starting feeling quite warm and tingly. I didn't find it stinging or uncomfortable but I think if you weren't expecting it you might be slightly surprised! It's something that you get used to quickly as well (as with the chin strap). I kept this on for a full 45 minutes but at the end there was still a bit of moisture left on the sheet which I rubbed into the skin. I don't really have much chin/jaw fat so I wasn't expecting much but I actually lost 1cm from the before/after measurements (I even got my partner to check!). This is quite a lot for me so I'm definitely pleased with the results, much better than others I'd tried before (and I really have tried quite a few). I think what's happening is the problem helps to deal with water retention/bloating and that makes a LOT of difference.

Results for me lasted about a day, I would highly recommend maybe using this before an event or photoshoot, I have also read that using it regularly can make results become permanent so if that's something you're really looking for I can't recommend this enough. In terms of moisturing effects, it made my skin feel smooth and soft but it wasn't significantly different to how a regular moisturiser might work. But in terms of helping you to tone up your chin I can't recommend it enough!

I received this product for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. All opinions expressed above are based on my own experience of the product =)
on 19 March 2016
I wanted to try the Chin-Up product as I was really interested to see if all it proclaimed was true so I gave it a go scepticism aside and was pleasantly surprised with the results.

I don't have a fatty under chin area but as I have hit 44 years young I have noticed that my skin in that area has lost a lot of elasticity and looks wrinkled no matter how much foundation I use it is very noticeable at times.

I read the Chin-Up instructions for use thoroughly and decided on a 30 minute trial not 40 minutes as it was my first go. I made sure I had washed and dried my face and neck and I placed the very moist pad under my chin and positioned the holding strap comfortably around my face fastening the Velcro sufficiently tight. After 5 or so minutes I noticed a tingling sensation and then I felt the pad getting warm It felt a little uncomfortable at first but the sensation wore off.

I got to the end of the 30 minute waiting time and carefully removed all product components from my face and chin, when I looked in the mirror my skin looked taut and less wrinkled I was quite surprised at the new contour of my chin area which had a noticeable difference.

I liked the Chin-Up product for the fact that it also made my skin feel soft and refreshed and have used the product 3 times now with noticeably great results ,I'm glad I gave it a go and will continue to use.

I received this product at a discount for an unbiased review on its performance.
on 14 March 2016
Like a lot of people, I'd like a more chiselled face and neck and over the years ive spent a fortune on lotions and potions to lift and tighten!! One of my friends is a beautician and provides the instant inch lose body wraps which really do work. Last time she wrapped me up like a mummy in the body wrap bandages we joked about needing some for my chin ......which provoked thought and lead to me purchasing this product.
The pack arrived and Inside was a neoprene strap, a tape measure and 7 tightening masks.
All that is required to achieve results is:
1 Take a measurement around your head with the tape measure provided
2 Unwrap the mask and apply it to your chin/neck area
3 Sit back, relax and let the mask work its magic
The strap is pretty tight when in place and does restrict movement but I'm a believer in no pain, no gain (not that it hurt in anyway) so was happy to persevere.
When I removed the strap and mask, my skin felt cool and refreshed and the mask lotion has a very pleasant smell so instead of washing away the product, I simply rubbed the excess in and let my skin absorb it.
There is no denying the results - The tape measure showed I'd reduced my chin/neck measurement by 2cm in 30 minutes. Pretty amazing but like all these types of wraps/treatments the results are only temporary and I found the next day I was back to the measurement prior to my treatment.
Overall, if you have a special night out planned then I'd definitely recommend this product to help you look and feel your best but if you want a permanent fix then an alternative solution would be needed.
on 6 March 2016
This product takes some getting use to, at first, but once you have the hang of it you will see a difference.
I struggled a bit to hook the holder in place, but read the instructions first and it will help.
When it is on you will notice a warming sensation, nothing bad, but you know its there.
I used the first time for about 20mins, after taking it off you can see that some changes have occurred, a good firming (for want of a better word) has definitely taken place.

My mother used it and was very happy with the results after a couple.

Discounted for a review
on 15 February 2016
i have been given the opportunity to test this product for free and it is absolutely fantastic product, really helped smooth and lift my 'other chins!' The product was easy to use and came with concise instructions and all the parts to ensure the product worked to its highest capabilities. My skin not only felt smooth but definitely looked tighter and felt different too, my partner commented on the difference and he hadn't known I had used the product. I have been asked by friends If I have lost weight around my face so it is definitely working well and making me feel good about my new appearance. I would definitely use the product again and think its worth every penny spent! thanks!
on 27 January 2016
This was interesting to use. The main thing was it worked! Although I felt a bit foolish when wearing the chin strap It is worth it. I'm not altogether sure yet whether the difference it has made to my double chin will be permanent but with 2 weeks use I'm quite satisfied with my results. I think anyone worried about their chin area should give this try. I got this product free of charge for the purposes of this review and would like to say that this did not affect my opinions which are written honestly
on 16 January 2016
I was sent this product to test and review.
I am in my thirties so starting to notice my face is changing shape, through sagging and wrinkling slightly, so was intrigued to see if this could slow it down!
It's easy to use and after the first use I immediately noticed my skin was tighter and there was nearly 1 cm loss.
This is impressive, my only downside is that it's not permanent so to do this regularly will cost a lot unless the refills come down in price...