About Us

We understand that today's consumers are not only looking for results, they are demanding them. We're are fatigued over the barrage of skincare products that tout a plethora of benefits, but simply don't deliver!

The expectation for instant gratification is higher than ever. Many women turn to plastic surgery or other invasive treatments to achieve immediate results after failing to see noticeable results from their skin care products.

We're creating a shift in the beauty industry with real product innovation and instant results that provide affordable, non invasive solutions to your skin woes.

Watch the video below of the founders and innovators behind ChinUp Mask interviewed by Cosmoprof, the world's leading authority in Cosmetics and beauty products.


Our Brand Ethos

We're in the corner of every woman's endless fight against ageing and gravity. We are fully immersed in the battle; from our innovative products, to our empathy for and blunt reality of everyone's true, raw pursuit of youth and beauty.

We don't tell you to age gracefully, or that you're beautiful just the way you are in one message, and then tell you that you really need wrinkle cream in the next.

We understand you. We understand that fresh, youthful looking skin is important to you, and if you're gonna buy a product, you want it to work now, not 4-6 weeks from now.

We empower you with innovative skin products that provide transforming results, instantly!

Our Story

ChinUp Mask is the revolutionary new beauty treatment that can improve the appearance of a double chin by over 2cm+, by lifting and firming around the face area to give a more contoured looking jawline. Loved by celebrities and the media alike, ChinUp Mask aims to give people the confidence and happiness that they often seek with cosmetic surgery but without the pain, risk or cost.

For years, we read statistics and studied reports that always came to the same conclusion - women, and men, worry about the excess fat under their chin a lot and there wasn’t a product available that could combat one of the hardest places to achieve success, without resorting to expensive, painful surgery.

With a background in technology and innovation, the ChinUp founders and co-inventors from London have a track record of having their finger on the pulse, monitoring trends and successfully bringing to market revolutionary, problem solving new products.

Their particular interest in this area started when one of the co-founders’ mums mentioned how the ageing process was having a negative effect on her chin/ jawline and in general lowering her self-esteem. Even though she exercised regularly and had a healthy diet, this was a problem area that she was unsure how to tackle.

While researching the issue in more depth it became apparent that this was in fact a widely common problem - A recent survey stated that 68% of people named excess fat under the chin and neck as one of their top body concerns!

Living in an on-demand world; they wanted to come up with an innovative product that would provide instant results to tackle this ever growing concern. With this in mind the co-founders headed off to the beauty capital of the world - South Korea - to work with a highly respected cosmetic chemist and begin their quest to banish the double chin. 18 months and many, many, attempts later they finally developed the perfect formula.

Offering instant gratification, with results that are immediately visible and measurable after only one 30 minute treatment, ChinUp Mask was born.

The process is simple. Apply the ChinUp mask to your face and neck, put on the ChinUp slimming band and allow the specially formulated and patented face mask to be efficiently absorbed into the skin.

After just 30 minutes you will see, and feel, the remarkable effects, including a measurable reduction of chin fat. We’re so confident of the results, we’ve included a tape measure in every pack for you to measure your chin before and after using the ChinUp Mask.

The effects will last for several days however, it’s recommended that you use it every other day to maintain and achieve further improved results.