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Every couple of months, you expect to see an article just like this one detailing some kind of fad diet, secret ingredient or a super food that has revolutionised the health and beauty industry. Being an ambassador for UpYours means I get to avoid all of that and just tell you about what really works.


In this case, it’s the derma-roller and micro-needling.

If you are anything like me, when you first hear about people rolling tiny needles across their face to improve their skin, you might think they have lost their minds. I mean, the last time I saw a tiny needle my friend ended up with a tattoo of a butterfly on her lower back which she insists she won’t regret :(

Well, micro-needling isn’t nearly as scary as you might think.

How Does a Derma-roller Work?

A derma-roller contains hundreds of tiny needles (the UpYours Derma-roller contains 540 to be exact). Using a derma-roller correctly pushes collagen and elastin production into overdrive. That might sound a bit complex but the result is it leaves your complexion tighter and plumper than it was beforehand. Your skin acts like a superhero and gets stronger than it ever was before which makes micro-needling perfect for filling in fine lines and wrinkles, thickening and plumping the skin and banishing the dark circles under your eyes. This magical little roller can even plump up lips so you can take your pouting to the next level.

My biggest worry when I started using this is that I would end up looking like I’ve been attacked by Edward Scissor hands for a couple of days while my skin was healing, but the derma-roller doesn’t even damage the upper skin layer so I got to work.

Although the skin repair, fine line filling and even helping to treat acne scars is incredibly appealing, it’s really the lifting and plumping effect that got me hooked. This simple little roller left me feeling fresh faced and just that little bit younger than I was before.

How to Use a Derma-roller.

STEP 1 Cleanse your face

STEP 2 Divide face into sections before your start to roll: Cheeks , Forehead, Chin & Lips

STEP 3 Roll section by section, making sure you cover the entire area twice in each direction; Vertically, Horizontally & Diagonally

After you have rolled each section, you’re done! The entire process should take less than 5 minutes.

PLEASE NOTE: It is important that you only rest the derma roller on your skin and roll gently back and forth. DO NOT apply pressure, as this can cause damage to your skin.

Do not apply pressure to the Derma-roller while using.

Don’t get me wrong, this won’t give you the same effect as a non-surgical facelift like the ChinUp Mask, but it’s certainly a great start and if you are using the ChinUp mask, a derma-roller really helps with the absorption of the ingredients.

Because I love my derma-roller so much, I had a word with the guys at UpYours and they have decided to give a few away for FREE.

These usually cost anywhere from £15 - £30 and all you have to do is pay a small postage fee and they will send it straight out.

It’s worth noting, derma-rollers should be replaced every 10 - 15 uses so you will have the option to purchase some replacements when you order your first derma-roller but, it is completely optional.



Claim Your Derma-Roller


They only have a few left in stock so grab yours now before they are all gone.


Stacy x

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