ChinUp Mask's Big US Debut on KTLA

Posted by Melody Matthews on

After such a huge year for us here at ChinUp Mask HQ, it was only a matter of time before our big debut in the States - and that time is now!

The lovely beauty and lifestyle expert, Stacy Cox, appeared on the morning show of Southern California TV station, KTLA. She presented a segment all about 'Fall Beauty Must Haves' and, of course, ChinUp Mask was one of the featured products.




Stacy applied a ChinUp Mask to the host as she explained exactly how the mask uses firming ingredients such as Q10 CoEnzyme and the compression band to results in a 20% reduction of the chin. Stacy revealed that after trying the mask herself she lost an inch from her chin which lasted for a minimum of three days. This marks the beginning of the next chapter in ChinUp Masks story as we set out to become a global leader in the cosmetics industry.

You can take a look at the segment here Keep your eyes peeled for even more exciting TV appearances coming soon!

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